Saturday, August 7, 2010

Continued Home Renovation

It has been a year since we became First-Time Home Owners, and there are still very easy projects left to do, as well as more complex ones. Here are my thoughts:

1.We moved into our house on my 21st birthday, which was followed by bachelor/ette parties, bridal showers and all the stress and back-and-forth travel of the wedding. Needless to say, we did not feel like painting! Even now, the thought of having to get things  covered in plastic and moved around makes me "iffy". I am just now hanging up out wedding photos which has inspired a few colors. I want to paint the Master Grey with a dark, sexy Purple. Not a "this-is-a-girls-room- Purple", but a royal deep color. Since the Guest room is still in between an Office and Bedroom, Teal would be nice--its fresh, unisex and can go with many other colors. However, our walls have been given to us stark white and when I think of an all-over color for the house it stresses me out. What color do I pick that considers my "unique" tastes and that I would love for the next 5 years? (Cuz in my book, that's a LONG time.) As for the Living room, I am still in love with the idea of a reddish brown, blue and cream. I love it, but not sure how it will flow, or turn out once we've done it....  
Does anyone have any fun ideas for my Kitchen? Its where I love to spend most of my time and I want to make it up beat, but I feel like everyone has a yellow kitchen. Idk why.

2. I am really proud that we carpeted the Garage, and has turned it into such a fun, usable space. But in order to add the track lighting, we have to paint, and in order to paint we have to sand the sheet rock. Ugh. I wish it was a piece of cake, but when you don't have all the tools at the ready it takes SO much longer! I also want to add more storage.

3. I would like to give our home more depth by adding drapes or a lightweight curtain to the Master, and a different type of blinds somewhere in the house to switch up the vibe/change the lighting.

4. Still waiting to find that perfect couch... but I we have out sight set on a beautiful leather sectional at Costco that would fit the space perfectly!

5. I feel like I have been picking out cabinets FOREVER! We need additional storage in our kitchen and I feel like base cabinets are a must and have them picked out and ready to go. What to do above the base cabinets is whats stalling me. I thought I wanted glass-door cabinets, until I looked at the space (the right side is against a window) and felt it needed to seem "open". That has lead me to Open Cabinets.....Right? I was so surprised I liked these! I already have traditional ones so these might just be the right fit--and inexpensive, too! The only thing I am not sure about is: When you are in a kitchen with traditional cabinets, is it weird to have one wall have open, upper shelves? Hmm.... I still really like the idea. I will post pics soon to illustrate the idea.

6. We have all the materials to turn my side of the Office/ Guest room from closet to hidden-desk-type-area and just need to find a few hours/half day of quiet time! (With the Mr. kite surfing right now, that won't be easy to come by.) I also am still looking for the perfect piece to turn the Office into a Guest Room for we have guests. I loved the idea of a Murphy bed, but now am thinking pull out couch... or even just get something quick, a futon.

Well, that's the end of the list as it goes for projects around the house... and that doesn't count keeping up with the home brewing! If anyone reads this and has suggestions, or just wants to come over and do it for me, feel free! Ha ha =) 

Uh, oh... its quiet, wheres Tucker?

Saw a few inspirational ideas here.

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  1. Everything will eventually get done. The important thing is to enjoy each other. The rest falls into place. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary